The forces of dysfunction and gridlock in Washington are already flinging false, baseless accusations against Alex Sink -- trying to mislead voters about Alex's record of bipartisan, results oriented problem solving.

We need your help to fight back. Join the truth team and help us get the facts to Pinellas residents.

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The Truth About Special Interest Lobbyist David Jolly

  • Jolly Lobbied on a Budget That Would Turn Medicare into a Costly Voucher Program. [Tampa Bay Times, 1/22/14; CBO, 1/27/10]

  • Jolly Said There was "A Lot of Good" in a Plan That Would Cost Seniors $6,400 a Year for Their Medicare Coverage. In 2013, Jolly said: "I think there was a lot of good in the Ryan budget." In 2011 USA Today reported: "The Congressional Budget Office estimated that plan would cost beneficiaries an average of $6,400 more annually." [Bay News 9, 12/08/13; USA Today, 10/03/11]
  • Jolly Praised Plan to Increase Veterans' Health Costs by as Much as 500 Percent as "Honest Leadership." [Tampa Bay Times, 1/31/14]
  • Jolly Opposed Raising the Minimum Wage. "Jolly has previously said he did not think the minimum wage needed to be increased." [Tampa Bay Times, 1/28/14]

Get informed. Share these facts to help spread the truth about Alex Sink's strong record of working with Republicans and Democrats to get results.

✓ FACT: Alex Protected and Strengthened Florida's Pensions

Alex Sink helped protect Floridian's pensions, proposing new oversight and accountability to strengthen and preserve this vital program. That's why Pew hailed Florida's Pension System as one of the strongest in the nation. PolitiFact said that claims against Alex were "Mostly False" writing "Sink did not personally make the risky investments" and under Sink "since June 30, 2010, the trust fund had recovered $8 billion" while the Associated Press called the claims "deceptive."

✓ FACT: Alex is a fiscal conservative who cut wasteful spending

Alex Sink is a fiscal conservative with a record of bringing Republicans and Democrats together to cut wasteful spending and protect tax dollars by making government do more with less. The Florida Times-Union said Alex saved taxpayers money by streamlining her department as Chief Financial Officer, while PolitiFact wrote that misleading claims about Alex Sink increasing the debt were "Mostly False."

✓ FACT: Alex has consistently opposed new taxes

The Tampa Tribune wrote that Alex Sink "is a fiscal conservative who opposes new taxes" and the Tampa Bay Times wrote that Alex Sink "has no interest in raising taxes and proposes tax breaks." Newspapers across Florida have applauded Alex as a fiscal hawk who "attacked wasteful spending." In Congress Alex will apply the results oriented values she practiced as a business leader and Florida's Chief Financial Officer to cutting wasteful spending in Washington.

✓ FACT: Alex has a proven record of bipartisanship and independence

Alex Sink has spent her life bringing people together to get things done for Florida families. The Sarasota Herald-Tribune wrote that Alex "has a record of working with leaders in both parties," while the Tampa Bay Times applauded Alex for working with the Republican-led legislature to pass laws protecting seniors . The wife and daughter of Marines, Alex is sick and tired of the partisanship and bickering in Washington, and she'll work with Republicans and Democrats to break the gridlock in Congress and focus on the challenges that matter most to Pinellas families.

✓ FACT: Independent Experts Cleared Alex of Any Wrong-Doing

These are the same Rick Scott-style debunked attacks that have already been rejected by Pinellas residents. Independent experts found Alex Sink had committed no wrong-doing. Alex also pushed for transparency and reform of state plane guidelines. As Chief Financial Officer, Alex earned a reputation as a "fiscal conservative" who "attacked wasteful spending." Even Washington lobbyist David Jolly is distancing himself from these misleading attacks.

✓ FACT: Alex Sink Wants to Improve ACA – Keep The Good, Fix The Bad

Alex Sink wants to improve the Affordable Care Act – keeping the good and fixing the bad. She also supports specific improvements, like allowing Medicare to negotiate with drug companies to reduce the cost of medicine, and repealing the medical device tax. But we cannot go back to a time when individuals with pre-existing conditions were being denied coverage, seniors were forced to pay more, or insurance companies could deny access to healthcare.

Lobbyist David Jolly's radical repeal of the ACA would bring back the Medicare donut hole, forcing seniors to pay more – eliminating $186 million in prescription drug savings for over 226,000 Medicare beneficiaries in Florida alone. USA Today wrote that "Repealing health care law would mean higher costs" for everyone.